Best Coworking Space in Chiang Mai

Today we will introduce Co-working space Chiang Mai Thailand where is the best place in Chiang Mai. This place is suitable for work and the good point is it open 24 hours. If you travel to Chiang Mai the province that people so kind and friendly. The town is also the good place to live in Thailand, the weather and environment is suitable for work too. Don’t miss to drop by.


The place that we will introduce you is located at tourism place and town. You can go to this place very easy, The name is “Wake up” is open with Subway that located at Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 10. You have to observe street number carefully because it’s a little complicated.


Do you know why we choose Wake Up to be the best Coworking space in Chiang Mai because this place has a good atmosphere, good coffee from Wake UP coffee shop that have 2 kinds of coffee.

IMG_9385Premium coffee bean is selected from 3 source; Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia. Delicately roasting process produces the characteristic flavor of coffee .

Classic coffee bean is selected from Columbia with roast to very strong concentrate coffee.

More over they have various menu such as Matcha Green Tea (Imported from Japan), Premium Tea, Cocoa, Thai Tea. All above menu are very tasty. You can take a rest and test these drinks. Don’t miss recommended menu.
Furthermore, Wake Up has fee wi-fi internet. When you buy some drinks you’ll get 4 hours free. If hungry they have Subway sandwich too. Wow one stop service.

You can order Subway sandwiches or Wake Up coffee and sit everywhere in the shop 1-3 floor. If you want private room you can rent. Finally we think this journal will benefit you so much and see you next chapter. Thank you.





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